Street Style Spring 2015 by Lea Muses

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[ Photography Lea Muses, Streetstyle Fashion 2015 ]

[ Photography Lea Muses, Streetstyle Fashion 2015 ]

Des Electronic Vices & Monotone Fits & Casual Gaudy Prints

Meanwhile in the cobble stone streets of Amsterdam... A five o'clock shadow became a thing of the past. Irony is always a darling in the streets, and in passing, people watchers get tickled pink in the Vintage Shopping area of the outer Red Light District.


That being said, if you are like me you are always running to an appointment. So its perfect to have a windblown fresh off the bike look with a touch of lipstick, well buttoned up shirt and loose messy bun (unisex). For a more refined version try adding a silk kimono and a clutch bag.

Streetstyle Spring 2015 

Over-sized Blazer

This is also the year of the over-sized blazer, with a tapered-leg Pantaloon or super skinny jeans, with a cuffed exposed ankle. Then paired with Nike Huaraches or hot pink solid-colored "Shell Toe" Adidas Sneaker.

Streetstyle Spring 2015 

Tone on Tone

Many people enjoy a hyper relaxed attitude juxtaposed with gaudy layering of tropical and tribal patterns and the tone on tone on tone / head to toe solid colors is what you will find on the sunny terraces in town.


Extreme matching strikes a new tone heavily inbred by the fashion forward Danes who like me, especially enjoy the Men's revival of 50-60's grooming culture. Asymmetrical greaser hair is back off set with nice lumberjack beard. It's all fun and games when it's cool to be chic and nerdy.

Streetstyle Spring 2015 Streetstyle Spring 2015

Daily checklist

Besides the current trends, it always occurs to me that many of us find ourselves with the practical dilemma of what to bring along. Forget the essentials, like my extra brain... aka mobile when my God given one is out of disk space.

I'm sure like me you use a get out of the door checklist of things needed for a busy day. Here's mine.
1. Keys
2. Phone
2a. Phone charger(s)
3. Wallet
4. Other phone
5. Diapers, bottles
....and sunglasses. (I'm a mommy that doesn't get enough rest)


Mobile habit

That cheeky device.. The Android or know the old ball n
chain. But, have you ever thought about how much money you'd save and
freedom you'd gain from not relying on these items? First of all better posture! Hands down a reason to go hands free while driving, dancing with no annoying purse or deciding not to bring your phone or wallet for a change?


For some people, that is just as scary as free falling out of a plane. (without taking a selfie). Boy are we dependent on our trusty electronics to help us remember everything and document it with photos. Oh the ease of pulling out
your bank card and charging things all day long...( that you probably can do with out.)

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Lea says; ‘Create your own style’

Well, my style advise of the season is to be random. Hold a lasting conversation, and treat yourself to a day of freedom from electronic vices. Wear a wild patterned shirt or wear all white and buy a hot dog with extra mustard and make your own impromptu pattern.

Lea Muses


You can meet Lea Muses in real life on Sunday 24th of May in Amsterdam. She organises with her Haberdashery (The Vintage People before) a Vintage KiloSale in Amsterdam, hosted by Vintage NL. Check out our calendar item for more info.


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