Holiday Story by Lea Muses

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What if you would style the chess Queen?

If you have ever played chess you would know that each piece plays a role on the board. When a styling goal is specific & the rules of strategy are what set the stage. In this game each player can dance or strike. If I would dress that player I would choose the Queens best.

The goal oriented rook is direct would probably wear hues of marble and gray. With velvet and fur topped by slick, ash-toned hair. A confident shoe that hits the concrete with a city strike. Or a stone washed denim with suede accessories and smart frames.


Model: Nadia | Photo: Andre Morgan | Styling: Lea Muses | Clothes: Hab37 stylediaries

Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam

Meanwhile during my trip to Paris for Fashion Week....

Faux Monkey fur is worn on a rainy day in Le Marais. Let's call her my Queen piece, patiently lunching whilst her front line protects the fort. She's the quiet storm. This ensemble was nothing short of a fantasy film a la Rick Owens. Powerful and treacherous if need be, soft and sensual otherwise.


Lea Muses (

Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam

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