Boheime Breakfast Club by Lea Muses

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[ Photo: Lea Muses ]

[ Photo: Lea Muses ]

Vintage Fashion Styling Tip

We love the styling tips we get from Lea! Haberdashery Shop in Amsterdam is where she sells her vintage collection and shares her passion for fashion. With her own modeling experience she has good taste of combining the right vintage clothes for the right occasion.

Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam

Boheime Shabby Chic

With all the fixings of a lovely morning we are never more than a glance away from a freshly baked croissant and foamy latte. A Boheime shabby chic look for the occasion is always a nice fit.... perhaps it is what one would wear if they rolled out of bed with their boyfriend for a quick coffee at their local cafe. Often I like to think of the setting before I choose an outfit. The right context can be just the twist you need to get away with the extra loud item you have been saving.


Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam

Nonchalant & Sexy

The morning after…. a simple nod, stroke of the hair or caress of the wind accessorized by a cigarette and a coffee cup can be really nonchalant and sexy. Especially when you are so confident that you could have worn the bed sheets out of the door.

Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam

On Sjeng: a mesh tank top with pleated dress pants and checkered Vans. Lee Denim vest, Oger striped shirt, vintage pleated dress pants & Adidas tennis shorts.


Be fashionable at any occasion

I truly believe in being ready for any occasion, requires quick decisive planning to be taken before venturing out Friday morning to work followed by an after work drink with option to extend into a long weekend. The idea is to be able to go from work, to cocktails, to the morning after without the walk of shame. Savvy? So before you reach for yesterday's cocktail dress, borrow some jeans and a basic tee. Even better if you happen to have a silk robe. Throw on your heels and purse for a really gorgeous 90’s inspired ensemble.

Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam

On Sjeng: Cropped khaki jacket with Nike vest and cut off jeans. Jewelry (models own) On Ann Marie: Velvet fedora, Lavender French blazer with blue velvet detailing - and high waisted stove pipe pant

Vintage Fashion Haberdashery Amsterdam

On Ann Marie: Levi's "Boyfriend Fit" Jeans paired with a Chinese silk robe, a basic white tee and Suede Minnetonka Moccasins.


All from our closet at Haberdashery ( )


Styling: Lea Muses & Noelle Morpey

Models: Ann Marie Thomas & Sjeng Kessels

Photos: Lea Muses

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